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Central Istria puts new pin on digital nomad map

  • 16.12.2022
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Digital nomads explore life and work in Central Istria as part of the Digital Nomads-in-Residence (DN-I-R) program in Central Istria. Up to 18 digital nomads have been based in Central Istria this past week, getting to know the region as a destination for remote work - and how a rural part of Croatia can cater to remote workers.

“The Tourist Board of Central Istria has been conducting a campaign to attract digital nomads to the destination for the past year. Now, together with partners - Saltwater Nomads (main partner), Digital Nomads Association Croatia and the Development Agency Heart of Istria from Pazin, it is implementing the second part of the project”, said Sanja Kantaruti, director Tourist Board Central Istria.

As part of the one-week initiative, digital nomads got to know more about living and working in Central Istria. This includes gastronomy tourism - visiting winemakers, olive groves, taverns and restaurants), natural beauties and much more. In addition to getting to know the location itself, customs, and offers, the 18 digital nomads participated in design thinking workshops. Both in person and online, which aim to co-create solutions for different customer needs.

It is expected that the design thinking workshops will bring valuable insights and create a series of initiatives for the region of Central Istria. In addition to the DN-I-R program, the Development agency delivered the first of two "workation design" workshops at the House of Istrian Prosciutto (Hi┼ża istarskog pršuta) in Tinjan. The workshop was organised by the Development Agency Heart of Istria. Digital nomads had the opportunity to connect with local entrepreneurs and identify the advantages of the workation concept in Central Istria.

Discovering the Digital Nomad Life in Central Istria

Han Talbot, The Remote Life, says: “Central Istria is a great base for digital nomads looking for space to finish a project or to disconnect entirely and explore a more rural region. Fellow remote lifers will be in for a treat here and I’m excited to see how the region develops.”

Dean Kuchel who travelled to 100+ countries, founder of Digital Nomads Israel and United Nomads, says: “I didn’t have many expectations when I first came here, little to do and mostly have time for myself to work on my project, but coming here was actually quite the opposite. Jeep Safari, wineries, restaurants, little towns that are beautiful to explore.

Tanja Polegubic of Saltwater Nomads: Croatia is on the map for many remote workers, having led the way with the introduction of a Digital Nomad Visa and ground-breaking events. This program has proved rural parts of Croatia need special attention, particularly in the off-season. Co-creating a plan with decision makers, nomads and the local community will yield the way forward for this region in the year ahead. It’s been one delightful discovery after another - I’m amazed at the potential and grateful for discovering so many hidden gems.

Jan de Jong president of Digital Nomad Association Croatia: What you have seen in the past is that people would actually move to countries like the United States or to Ireland or to Germany to find job opportunities. What this remote work revolution has resulted? Actually is that those people that are coming from those countries are now looking for a lifestyle. I mean, first of all, Croatia, but especially Central Istria is definitely a lifestyle destination with phenomenal gastronomy, amazing wines, and most beautiful nature. You can go truffle hunting and enjoy the way of life that we people in Central Istria sometimes take for granted. Most people from the United States or other of those nations, for them, it's like a complete new experience to live the way we live here.

The digital nomads in attendance are: Anna Traylor (Twine) , Bobby Grubic (Artonix Studios), Han Talbot (The Remote Life), Ronald Tardiff (World Economic Forum), Lorna Lacey (Remote Work Mentor), Lumin Grace (Goddess Tapestry), Steve Tsentserensky (SBT Creative) , Yvonne Wagoun (White Stag Tourism) and Dean Kuchel (United Nomads).

The future of digital nomad tourism in Central Istria

The Tourist Board of Central Istria is the initiator of the Live & Work in Central Istria project. Which aims to develop year-round tourism in the destination, attracting a new profile of guests: digital nomads.

The goal of the project itself is to make Central Istria a desirable destination for digital nomads. To get closer to the desired goal, a website was created as part of the project.

Why Choose Central Istria as a Destination for Living and Working?

With its beautiful nature, high level of safety, numerous activities, local restaurants, and a coworking space nearby, this area is the right choice for digital nomads and people who are not tied to the location-based office.

There is a large range of accommodations, equipped with cooling and heating devices and a good internet connection. In addition, welcoming hosts and interesting events throughout the year are the perfect formula for a working holiday.

This project is co-financed by the Croatian National Tourist Board and Istria Tourist Board.

Kind regards,
Tourist board of Central Istria

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