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  • 25.06.2021
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Ever since Ryanair established its 54th base back in 2007, Zadar’s tourism fortunes have been transformed. A gorgeous old town dating back thousands of years, a former Dalmatian capital, surrounded by islands, nature and plenty to do, Zadar is a vibrant smaller city on the coast for those wanting to avoid the big city feel.

But a small city very close to the action, with Split just an hour away. Some things to know about Zadar:

  • It was need European Best Destination of the year in 2016.
  • Alfred Hitchcock described Zadar’s as ‘the most beautiful sunset in the world.’
  • The most famous musical attraction plays with Mother Nature – the Zadar Sea Organ combines with the waves of the Adriatic to make unique music.
  • Next to the sea organ is the ultimate meeting point: Greetings to the Sun, 300 multi-layered glass plates in the form of an amphitheatre presenting the planets and their orbits.
  • Move over Venitian gondoliers, the Zadar barkajoli have been rowing passengers for over 800 years.
  • Marasca cherries are the star ingredient in Zadar’s signature drink, Maraschino liqueur.

Located 140 km north of Split, the Ryanair revolution brought many tourists to Zadar en route to Split and the islands, and they liked what they saw in Zadar and started to stay and explore. The majestic old town is obviously the highlight, but Zadar is rich in many things. The Glass and Gold & Silver museums are outstanding, there are 5 national parks within striking distance, and there are a number of fantastic islands just a boat ride away. And speaking of boats, there is even a direct international ferry from Italy to add choice to the ever-increasing number of international flights. A great place to be based for a wider regional exploration.

Zadar is also a very active region, with excellent options for sailing, kayaking, cycling and hiking, to name but four.

Festivals worth checking out:

  • Zadar Wine and Tuna Festival (February)
  • Music Evenings at St. Donatus (July)
  • Zadar Craft Beer Festival (September)
  • Zadar Street Food Festival (September)
  • Zadar Outdoor Festival (September)

Co-working spaces in Zadar (to be researched)

Public transport in well-integrated, and the port and airport give plenty of option for arrival and onward travel. Two connections to the main Zagreb-Split motorway are a few kilometres away. The local bus service is as efficient as the national network is comprehensive. Shopping is easy. In addition to the fresh markets and supermarket options, there are many out of town shopping centre choices.

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